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YOU Can Make it Happen! Be a Part of Our Second Quarter-Century!

Art on Main turns FIFTEEN in 2016/2017. Your donation will help us keep the party going.

What will you bring to the Party?

Choose your party gift from the menu and then click the Donate image above to contribute right now via PayPal.
If you prefer to mail a check (more of your donation does reach us this way), see our address at the bottom of the page.

Here are some examples of what each of these gifts make possible:


Candles for the Cake, $10


w 10 "get the word out" color exhibit posters
w 3 "bright and fun and attention-getting" balloons for 3 reception nights
w 2 "print lots of artist payments" reams of paper
w 1 "make our windows sparkle" cleaning

Balloons, $25


w Our American Craft Week participation fee
w Cost of mailing one month's artist consignment checks
w Cost of mailing printed exhibit postcards to Community Members
w Printing of 300 business cards (which will last about 1.5 months)

Birthday Cake, $50


w Artist stipend to share their creative process at a community demonstration
w Internet & website presence for the gallery for one month

Party Favors, $75


w Stipend for live music by one musician at the Community Show reception (we like to host two)
w Color posters & postcards for one exhibit


The Whole Party, $160


w New software to redesign our website & improve our media presence
w Most of one month's electric and phone cost
w Half of one month's winter heating

Champagne, $100


w Open Studio Weekend participation (now twice/year so it's 2 bottles of champagne to cover both)
w One work day for a paid gallery manager
w Printing enough business cards for an entire year of business

Fireworks, $200


w Putting on the Bristol Rec Dept Pottery Studio Student Show
w Hosting the Emerging Artists Show for Mt. Abe students
w Participation in both spring & fall statewide Open Studio Weekends
w Stipends for four artist demonstrations
w Offering one craft class for community members

The Grand Shebang, $500


w The Annual All-ages Community Show & Reception, all associated expenses included
w Hosting a professional development workshop for our member artists
w Putting together, publicizing & hosting an exhibit (plus any one of the "Cake" options)
w A full year of artist demonstration stipends

To learn even more about the gallery, events & programs your donation will support, click here for a full-color PDF of our Membership Brochure.

You are also welcome to mail a check to the address below if you prefer. (More of your donation does reach us if you opt for check.)
Please write "Birthday" on either the envelope or on your check so we know how to attribute your support.


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